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Prison term for failure to pay confiscation order


Key facts:

In July 2021, John Leslie Allison was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for undertaking illegal waste activities at two sites in Colne without a permit. The prosecution’s case was that he had allowed hazardous, large-scale, mixed household and commercial waste materials to be deposited at the sites without a permit, causing unacceptable risks to the environment, highlighted by a number of significant fires at the site and numerous complaints from the public. He had previously been sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for breaching an order to clear the waste at these sites.

In January 2023, Mr Allison appeared before Preston Crown Court in connection with confiscation proceedings brought by the EA. The court held that Mr Allison had benefitted in the amount of £840,814 from his illegal waste activities. He was ordered to pay £368,682.50 within three months, fixed by reference to the value of assets available to Mr Allison.

Following Mr Allison’s failure to pay the confiscation order and to attend court, an arrest warrant was issued and he was sentenced before Liverpool Magistrates’ Court to three years and five-month term of imprisonment.


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