Peters & Peters

Internal Investigations

Peters & Peters has a proven track record of undertaking effective internal investigations, particularly where fraud or corruption is suspected.

Many organisations will encounter internal crises which have the potential to lead to civil, criminal or regulatory proceedings as well as causing serious harm to their reputation and commercial standing.


It is critical to meet these with a rapid, incisive and independent legal response. In such circumstances, we understand that discretion is of paramount importance both to the validity and success of any investigation and to ensuring that the organisation is able to continue its business with minimum disruption.


As a recognised leader in the field of internal investigations, we have acted for numerous well-known domestic and international clients, including banks, FTSE 100 companies and AIM companies. Our broad experience and multi-disciplinary approach allows us to detect, evaluate and advise on all civil, criminal or regulatory issues that may come to light in the course an investigation. Our team includes former prosecutors, so we are ideally placed to gather evidence and conduct interviews without undermining potential criminal proceedings.


Where misconduct gives rise to potential regulatory or criminal breaches, Peters & Peters can advise on whether a report should be made to the relevant body as well as the timing and content of any report. We can also identify what if any remedial action may be required to help mitigate future risk and dissuade outside agencies from taking enforcement action.


Many of the internal investigations we conduct require global co-ordination. We regularly work alongside law firms in other jurisdictions and can reach out to our extensive network of overseas contacts for assistance as required. We have detailed knowledge of the issues that arise in cross-border investigations, for example in relation to data protection, privilege, blocking statutes and other obstacles to moving or disclosing data.


  • Peters & Peters conducted an internal investigation for a leading household name company arising from criminal and regulatory investigations into one of its major corporate customers.
  • We carried out an internal investigation for potential breaches of sanctions and export controls in both the United States and the United Kingdom, as a result of the discovery that there had been indirect supplies of its products to Iran, Syria and Sudan.
  • We acted for a conglomerate on an international internal corruption investigation.
  • Peters & Peters acted for a senior bank employee in relation to internal, criminal and regulatory investigations conducted in the UK and Europe.