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Energy company Equinor’s greenwashing claims gave a misleading impression of its business activities


Key facts:

The ASA upheld a complaint that claims made by energy company Equinor that it was working to help the UK to achieve a smooth energy transition gave a misleading impression about the company’s contributions to renewable activities.

The ASA found that the advert contained references to wind, oil, gas and carbon capture which gave equal prominence to each of those activities. In reality, Equinor’s involvement in fossil fuel activities was significant and more information about this should have been included in the advert so as not to mislead readers. The ASA therefore held that the advert breached the CAP and BCAP.

The ASA told Equinor that the advert must not appear again in the form complained of. It also told Equinor to ensure that future adverts featuring environmental claims did not mislead by omitting significant information about the proportion of their business activities that comprised renewable energy and CCS, or the role that those activities played in their current business.


ASA ruling

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