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Chevron accused of violating FTC’s Green Guides


Key facts:

Three NGOs (Earthworks, Global Witness and Greenpeace USA) jointly filed an FTC complaint against Chevron in relation to allegedly deceptive advertisements overstating Chevron’s investment in renewable energy, and its commitment to reducing fossil fuel pollution.

The complaint accused Chevron of several direct violations of the FTC’s Green Guides, including advertisements that, among other things, claimed Chevron produced “ever-cleaner” or “clean” energy, while spending less than 0.2% of its capital expenditures on renewable energy sources.

The “Green Guides” are a set of principles established by the FTC to help marketers avoid making environmental claims that mislead consumers.

Ultimately, however, the FTC did not end up taking action against Chevron in response to the complaint.


Greenpeace press release, Washington Post article, and Common Dreams article

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