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ASA holds that MG’s “zero emissions” advertising claims were likely to mislead consumers


Key facts:

The ASA investigated whether a paid-for Google advert for MG misleadingly represented the environmental impact of MG’s vehicles. The advert referred to various models of vehicles and included the words “Zero Emissions”.

The ASA held that the complaint was misleading. The CAP Code required marketing communications not to materially mislead or be likely to do so and to make clear the basis of any environmental claims. The ASA thought that consumers would believe that MG’s advert meant that all the vehicles listed in the advert were zero emissions. This was not correct for all of the vehicle types. The advert did not include sufficient information for consumers to be able to understand the basis of the “zero emissions” claim and was likely to mislead.

In response to the investigation, MG confirmed that all references to “Zero Emissions” had since been removed from its adverts. The ASA told MG that the advert must not appear again in its current form. It also MG to ensure that “zero emissions” claims were made only where that was appropriate, and should make the scope of the claim clear.


ASA ruling

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