Employee Fraud

We have extensive experience dealing with cases involving employee fraud on behalf of both claimants and defendants.

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Peters & Peters established expertise in cases relating to fraud and dishonesty means it is ideally placed to assist employers and employees in connection with investigations into suspected fraudulent or corrupt activities. We recognise the importance of managing and protecting our clients’ financial and reputational interests.

We can conduct an Internal Investigations (including in circumstances where such an investigation must be sensitive to potential criminal proceedings) as well as dealing with Asset Tracing & Recovery. We can apply for a range of injunctive relief – including freezing orders, disclosure orders and search and seizure orders – in support of proceedings. These orders are designed to protect the value of the assets and prevent any further harm being done to the company.

Civil proceedings are often only part of the package of remedies that an employer may want to consider. Employment contracts have express and implied duties of behaviour and we can advise on breaches of contractual obligations and, in the case that a director or other senior executive is potentially implicated, breaches of fiduciary duties, which may give rise to claims for profits, compensation and damages.

We offer guidance to clients considering reporting matters to the relevant authorities and have worked together with the authorities representing the interests of the victim and ensuring the investigation and evidence gathering process is as streamlined and effective as possible. Should clients want to bring criminal proceedings themselves, we can advise on the viability of a Private Prosecution and bring a Private Prosecution on their behalf where appropriate. We help manage the impact of any parallel proceedings arising from professional breaches, regulatory investigations or criminal proceedings.

Peters & Peters also regularly acts for individuals accused of employee fraud. This may involve resisting or varying injunctive relief against them; negotiating confidential settlement agreements with the employer or liaising on the employee’s behalf with regulators or prosecuting bodies to minimise any future exposure or liability which may arise.

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