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Peters & Peters has an outstanding track record in successfully challenging INTERPOL Red Notices, resulting in their withdrawal.

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Issued at the request of individual countries in order to seek the provisional arrest of a person with a view to obtaining their extradition, INTERPOL Red Notices can have a devastating impact on a person’s freedom. Where regimes experience political turmoil and high level public corruption, there is a clear risk of INTERPOL’s systems being abused. Even where extradition proceedings are successfully resisted, there is no guarantee that the Red Notice will be withdrawn.

Peters & Peters has acted on behalf of numerous high-profile individuals from across the globe and developed an unrivalled depth of knowledge in this evolving and complex area of law. Our team of INTERPOL lawyers frequently engage with INTERPOL directly, putting forward powerful reasons why a notice should be withdrawn. In some cases this can simply be because a country has failed to withdraw the notice or update its local database, or there may be more complex fair trial and political motivation issues at play which may mean that a notice was improperly issued and, taking into account applicable law in the UK and the EU, ought to be withdrawn.

Our team of INTERPOL lawyers have had significant recent success in achieving the removal of Red Notices and in persuading INTERPOL to agree not to issue a Red Notice, or allow a diffusion through its systems, as a pre-emptive measure.

Where INTERPOL notices are not withdrawn, we engage with the relevant authorities in the UK and overseas to try to ensure that improperly motivated Red Notices are not given effect in that jurisdiction; to obtain safe passage for clients and to garner international support for their removal.

Where necessary, we utilise on our worldwide legal network in order to instruct lawyers based in the state issuing the request for the Red Notice. Local lawyers liaise with the relevant law enforcement agencies in order to obtain information which can assist us in seeking the removal of the Red Notice.

Where an extradition request is made, our team of in-house INTERPOL lawyers work with local law firms to ensure that the individual is not extradited.

We recently launched the Peters & Peters Extradition UK blog site authored by our extradition experts Jasvinder Nakhwal and Nick Vamos. The Extradition UK blog is a free to use service providing comprehensive and timely news updates in respect of extradition, INTERPOL and Mutual Legal Assistance. It provides coverage of key recent developments, procedures and cases relating to these areas of law, along with a range of static resources for those who wish to better understand the law and procedures. Subscribers will remain up to date with any new information or posts.

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