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Requests for Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) are a common feature of multi-jurisdiction criminal and regulatory investigations. Peters & Peters provides expert advice to a range of individuals, corporates and governments from across the globe.

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Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in advising clients in connection with MLA requests to the United Kingdom. This can include assisting clients in relation to the formalities of complying with an MLA request, clarifying the scope of the request and what material falls within it and dealing with issues relating to data protection and privilege. We also have an exceptional track record of successfully resisting MLA requests where appropriate and launching a challenge by way of judicial review, if necessary.

We have exceptional expertise in taking proactive steps to persuade the UK authorities from accepting MLA requests at the first instance, particularly in cases where the MLA request of politically motivated.

In order to preserve the best outcome, careful and expert handling is required at each stage of an MLA request. We have a long-standing relationship with the relevant enforcement agencies which can enable us to engage in meaningful dialogue as required to deal with the complex and often novel legal issues that MLA requests produce.

Where an MLA request has been made to an overseas authority, sometimes clients have the right to review the material prior to its submission to the UK. We have undertaken such reviews and made representations to the authority concerned to resist the improper disclosure of information and documents.

We also advise governments who wish to initiate requests to the UK to obtain admissible evidence for their own domestic proceedings. We can ensure these requests are appropriately framed and assist in ensuring that the process operates smoothly in the UK to obtain this evidence as quickly as possible. In particular, we can represent a government’s interests in any legal challenges brought by the subject of a request.

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