Michael O'Kane

Event: Are sanctions on Russia working? Breakfast discussion with Michael O’Kane and Anna Bradshaw


Sanctions are one of the leading global issues of our time and, as part of LIDW23, we are co-hosting a breakfast discussion with Global Legal Group, at which leading practitioners will share their thoughts on listings, their impact, enforcement and compliance. They will survey the fast-changing terrain and give much-needed clarity in this complex area. […]

Russia sanctions backlash as billionaire launches challenge


A few weeks ago, Eugene Shvidler, a billionaire who has been associated with Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, launched the first legal challenge to reach the London courts to the UK’s Russian sanctions regime. Shvidler is arguing that the Foreign Office made “significant errors” in deciding to freeze his assets. He also challenges that he is […]

Abramovich’s billionaire ally takes on UK in sanctions challenge


Eugene Shvidler, a billionaire who has been associated with oligarch Roman Abramovich, has launched the first challenge to the UK’s Russian sanctions regime in a London court. Peters & Peters, which represents Shvidler, filed the claim last month, arguing that the UK had made “significant errors” in assessing his relationship with Abramovich. Michael O’Kane told […]

How effective are Russia sanctions? Anna Bradshaw on DW News


Anna Bradshaw was interviewed by DW News about the EU’s latest package of sanctions against Russia, discussing why sanctions so far have not had the desired effect of crippling the Russian economy so that it would not be able to afford the war in Ukraine. Anna spoke on the continuing development of so-called ‘smart’ sanctions, […]

Dr Anna Bradshaw

Campaigners asked UK to sanction 1,000 names over Ukraine – Anna Bradshaw in Bloomberg


A host of third parties, including charities and private individuals, has asked the UK government to add around 1,000 names to its sanctions regime, Bloomberg reports. The Foreign Office received 37 such requests between February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, to June 2022, the department revealed last week after a freedom of information request. However, […]