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Procedural aspects of proceedings before the EU courts

The Academy of European Law recently held a seminar on sanctions in the EU’s external relations.

The seminar covered the legal aspects of restrictive measures applied by the European Union, including the recent jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

Anna Bradshaw gave a presentation on the procedural aspects of proceedings before the EU courts.

She explained that there has been a significant increase, over the last year, in the types of sanctions that have been adopted, in particular the ever-expanding scope of sectorial sanctions that were first introduced in 2014 in the form of capital market restrictions in particular.

Anna added that, with the introduction of the new service prohibitions, it was timely to ask the question as to what exactly can be challenged in the EU court and what types of restrictive measures can be challenged.

Anna also discussed:

–  The competence of the European General Court and the CJEU

– Procedural rights during the adoption and renewal of individual restrictive measures, including elements of the notification, review and extension of restrictive measures, as well as the reasons for listings

– Confidentiality

– Alternative legal challenge to restrictive measures