In the event of a dawn raid, expert advice is urgently required to protect the rights of the businesses and individuals concerned. Peters & Peters has a long history of providing immediate and effective support and assistance in these challenging circumstances.

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Dawn raids are a frequent feature of criminal and regulatory investigations and can be instigated by various authorities such as the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), HM Customs and Revenue (HMRC), the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), and even the EU Commission. Our team, which includes former SFO and FCA prosecutors, is expert at dealing with the multitude of issues that arise in the context of dawn raids.

We respond to co-ordinated raids in multiple locations, both in the UK and overseas, and can provide robust advice relating to the validity of warrants, the seizure of documents and data, privilege, governance, control and representation where employees or officers are arrested as well as dealing with reputation management and the minimisation of disruption.

In the aftermath of a dawn raid, Peters & Peters provides shrewd and focused advice about next steps, including assessing the need/benefit of conducting an Internal Investigation, identifying and recording what has been taken and making representations for the prompt return of business-critical material.

We are also experienced in advising clients on how to minimise the risk of a dawn raid where entities are aware of criminal or regulatory misconduct.

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