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Nick Vamos is quoted in The Guardian about the US proposals over possible extradition of Julian Assange

Assurances made by the US that Julian Assange would not be held under the strictest maximum-security conditions if extradited from the UK have been rejected by his fiancée Stella Morris, who has described them as a formula to keep him in prison for the rest of his life. Nick Vamos says that it is “highly unusual” for the US Department of Justice to offer broader assurances to a foreign court on prisoner treatment upfront, as it had previously refused to do so in terrorism cases. “It’s not unusual in extradition, but it is for the Americans to give this type of assurances because their previous approach over many years has been to say, ‘the US legal system is a fair one and our prison system is capable of dealing with people with all kinds of conditions’”. Read more.

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