Peters & Peters

Dunn family instructs P&P extradition specialist Nick Vamos to secure #justice4harry (Telegraph, 20.01.21)

The Dunn family has appointed Peters & Peters partner Nick Vamos, “one of Britain’s top extradition lawyers”, to bolster its efforts to bring Anne Sacoolas, their son’s alleged killer, back to the UK to stand trial.

Nick Vamos, who will be working on a pro bono basis for the Dunn family, says ,”there is an opportunity with the new administration in the US to invite them to finally do the right thing and not rely on a disputed claim of diplomatic immunity to allow Ms Sacoolas to avoid British justice.” He said there were options if she could not be returned to the UK but “the primary object is and always has been that she faces justice in the UK in person”. He adds, “whilst there is an apparent stalemate where the CPS are unable to commence proceedings while she refuses to return either voluntarily or pursuant to extradition, there are further legal options we would like to explore with them.” Read more.