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Post-Brexit extradition arrangements and the German Cum-Ex scandal – Extradition specialist Nick Vamos comments

A hedge-fund worker who is wanted in the German Cum-Ex case is one of five individuals attempting to use Brexit to fight his extradition case, arguing that there is no power to continue his detention and extradition now that the UK has left the European Arrest Warrant scheme. This case is the first to test what the extradition relations will be between the UK and the member states post Brexit and is likely to set a legal precedent for judicial cooperation going forward. Extradition specialist and co-author of P&P’s new Extradition UK site Nick Vamos says, “It was inevitable that someone would want to test the new, post-Brexit extradition arrangements in court as soon as possible.” He adds “ there may well be some ingenious or technical arguments as to why Parliament’s intention may have failed to translate properly into the new law. The court will be anxious to ensure a smooth transition if possible, but if there is a loophole or an error then I have no doubt that someone will find it.” Read more