Keith Oliver

High Court rules that self-proclaimed bitcoin creator is not ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’


Earlier this month, and after a six-week trial, the High Court ruled that Australian computer scientist Dr Crag Wright did not create bitcoin and neither did he author the Bitcoin White Paper. Even for an industry long accustomed to controversy and to hitting the headlines, the verdict can be seen as a watershed moment. Wright […]

Denmark begins court case against Briton Sanjay Shah in ‘cum-ex’ fraud case


Earlier this month a criminal trial started that will be of great interest to tax authorities all over the world. The trial involves British fund trader Sanjay Shah, who has been charged along with eight other British and US citizens, over so-called ‘cum-ex’ schemes. Denmark is alleging that the fraud cost it 12.7 billion Danish […]

Anna Bradshaw

Are British carmakers circumventing sanctions on Russia? Anna Bradshaw advises that the industry should keep an eye out for red flags


Anna Bradshaw was interviewed on Sky News about whether British carmakers are getting around sanctions on Russia.   Anna spoke about how the industry “has to be more aware of what red flags to look out for and what to do when they become aware of something that potentially looks like circumvention.”

Peters & Peters

Peters & Peters secures delisting of Igor Makarov from UK sanctions list


Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the UK government imposed sanctions on persons believed to benefit from or support the Russian government. Mr Makarov was designated by the UK in September 2022, allegedly because he was involved in supporting the government of Russia through carrying on business in the Russian energy sector. […]

Jonathan Tickner

Victory for Peters & Peters’ client in complex committal proceedings


The High Court has this week found in favour of Peters & Peters’ client Mrs Nebahat İşbilen in committal proceedings initiated against her one-time personal financier and trusted adviser, Mr Selman Turk. As a result, Mr Turk has been sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment. This is the latest development in long-running fraud proceedings brought by […]

Regulators failing to hold senior executives to account for economic crime, new analysis reveals


Last month, Spotlight on Corruption published a review showing that senior executives at large British companies who engage in economic crime, financial wrongdoing or regulatory breaches almost never face any consequences. In this analysis for LexisNexis Corporate Crime expert, Julia Steinhardt reviews the key findings of the report and what she considers to be the […]

Maria Cronin

EU Parliament votes to criminalise environment crimes comparable to “ecocide”


At the end of last month, the European Parliament voted through a new environmental crime directive which includes provisions criminalising the most serious cases of environmental damage that are “comparable to ecocide”. The environmental campaign group Stop Ecocide International has been calling for ecocide to become an international crime since 2021, defining it as “unlawful […]

P&P secures client’s discharge in extradition case involving Kenya


Nick Vamos and Franziska Christen have secured a discharge for a client facing extradition to the Republic of Kenya (a category 2 territory under the Extradition Act 2003) to face criminal proceedings for conspiracy to defraud. We had previously won the client’s release on conditional bail. The case raised issues in relation to: – the […]

Will Assange die in a US prison? – Nick Vamos and Anna Bradshaw in the news


Yesterday, the legal team of Julian Assange was back in court in a bid to stop the extradition of the Wikileaks founder to the US. The two-day hearing in the High Court will consider whether Mr Assange can be granted leave to appeal against the 2022 extradition decision made by then Home Secretary Priti Patel. […]

Where defined terms go wrong: getting the freezing order terms right


In addition to being a key forum for the substantive resolution of fraud disputes, the English court regularly plays an important role in support of foreign proceedings. Perhaps the cornerstone of this support are the different forms of interim relief it offers to a litigant engaged in foreign proceedings under section 25 of the Civil […]