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Thinking globally – the role of international lawyers in a world searching for answers

In our interconnected world, international lawyers play a crucial role in addressing cross-border challenges such as climate change and human rights abuses.

Their expertise in navigating diverse cultures and intergovernmental relations positions them to create just and equitable solutions for a more harmonious international order.

In this AIJA podcast, Charlotte Tregunna and fellow academic co-ordinators, Beatriz Cabal, Laura Manz and Zoya Gyurova, explore the theme of the 62nd AIJA Annual Congress taking place in Madrid this year: “thinking globally – the role of international lawyers in a world searching for answers.

Among others, they discuss:

– The genesis of the theme.
– How international young lawyers can help in resolving conflicts and disputes.
– The five pillars on which the theme of the congress is based: trade, technology, defence and security, inequality, and energy transition.
– How these five pillars are relevant to the young lawyers attending the congress.
– How the theme connects to ‘#GlobalAIJA’ (the theme that AIJA President Eduardo De la Peña Bernal chose for his presidency) and to the current state of the world.
– How AIJA’s current academic co-ordinators group was formed and why there is strength in diversity.
– How AIJA’s 21 commissions will be involved in the congress and what a typical session will look like.
– The role young lawyers can play in shaping the future of international law and leverage their skills and knowledge to make a positive impact globally.
– Why young lawyers should attend AIJA’s 2024 annual congress in Madrid.