Peters & Peters

Peters & Peters contributes chapter to International Comparative Legal Guide – Business Crime 2023 

The International Comparative Legal Guide – Business Crime 2023 has come out. This edition covers common issues in business crime in 22 jurisdictions.


Neil Swift, Joseph Duggin and James Tyler have contributed the chapter for England & Wales. The chapter, which is free to view, covers:


– General Criminal Law Enforcement

– Organisation of the Courts

– Particular Statutes and Crimes

– Corporate Criminal Liability

– Statutes of Limitations

– Initiation of Investigations

– Procedure for Gathering Information from a Company

– Initiation of Prosecutions / Deferred Prosecution / Civil Dispositions

– Burden of Proof

– Conspiracy / Aiding and Abetting

– Common Defences

– Voluntary Disclosure Obligations

– Cooperation Provisions / Leniency

– Plea Bargaining

– Elements of a Corporate Sentence


The guide is published by Global Legal Group.