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Unexplained wealth order victory : P&P’s Rachel Cook provides comments to The Law Society Gazette discussing the value of UWO’s in fighting financial crime

The National Crime Agency’s recent successful recovery of £10m of assets from wealthy businessman, Mansoor Hussain could slow criminal activity in the UK. Rachel Cook mentions, “The NCA has recovered a substantial amount of money (without a criminal prosecution) and acted to prevent future criminal conduct. Other ostensibly “clean” individuals who are operating as launderers will no doubt be concerned by this latest development. The possibilities for disrupting serious criminal activity in the UK through the use of UWOs should not be underestimated. This win may inform the NCA’s future strategy and who they target for UWOs, focusing on UK general crime rather than overseas individuals linked to foreign regimes. The use of the civil court power means Mr Hussain avoided criminal prosecution for alleged money laundering. It has been reported that the NCA was unable to mount a case against Hussain in the criminal courts to the necessary standard of proof”. Read more