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Philippe Moryoussef extradition trial – Our partner Nick Vamos is quoted in Bloomberg about the implications of the Brexit deadline on the trial

Philippe Moryoussef, a former Barclays trader and French citizen who fled to France before being convicted of helping to rig a key benchmark is currently facing extradition proceedings which if successful, would result in him being extradited to the UK to serve his 8 year sentence. As the Brexit deadline looms, Nick Vamos says, the question is whether the provision of the withdrawal agreement that permits suspects who have already been arrested on a European Arrest Warrants to be extradited  after the transition period ends trumps the constitutional ban France has on extraditing its own citizens. He says that 1 January 2021 could be “an absolute guillotine in terms of trying to extradite him”. U.K law enforcement is working on finding new ways of working with its European partners post-Brexit. If Moryoussef’s extradition is refused on the basis of nationality, France could be under an obligation to consider enforcing the sentence itself. Read more