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Keith Oliver is quoted in Bloomberg on the latest challenge to facial recognition technology in the wake of R (Bridges) v Chief Constable of South Wales Police

A London Court has upheld the ruling that the UK police force were in breach of human rights and data-protection laws when deploying facial recognition technology. The Court of Appeal ruled that the South Wales police force did not take the necessary steps to ensure that the software program did not have an unacceptable bias on grounds of race or sex. Keith Oliver says, “ the outcome of this case is likely to form the foundational roadblocks of where we go from here — whether we scale-back or ramp-up deployment. The brakes have been squeezed to afford us more time to work out what these systems can actually do,” he said. “We should therefore always keep in mind Orwell’s words in 1984: ‘No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.” Read more