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Partner Nick Vamos is quoted in Bloomberg about Ex-billionaire Mallya’s extradition case

Former billionaire Vijay Mallya is a step closer to being extradited to India to face impending fraud charges, after two judges ruled that the case raised no public interest issues, and therefore ruled out an appeal to the Supreme Court. “Extradition must take place within 28 days of the decision of the Supreme Court refusing leave to appeal. But the tycoon does have a couple options left”, says Partner Nick Vamos, who led the Crown Prosecution Service’s extradition team for four years.

Mallya could bring a human rights challenge in the High Court due to prevalence of Covid-19 in prisons. “He could argue that taking him to India and putting him in prison exposes him to something the High Court never considered because Covid-19 didn’t exist then and now it does,” he said. Read more