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Partner Nick Vamos is quoted extensively in The Washington post on the Harry Dunn case

The U.S government has been condemned for its refusal to extradite an American woman who has been charged in the death of the British teenager Harry Dunn. Foreign secretary Dominic Raab says the British government “would have acted differently if this has been a U.K diplomat serving in the U.S”.  Partner Nick Vamos says that the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations is not “a complete and comprehensive rule book” and that the law of diplomatic immunity appears to have been interpreted differently in Britain and in the United States, adding that “there is no court in which that dispute can be resolved.” The U.K’s position, he said, was that Sacoolas had immunity at the time of the crash, but lost it when she left the U.K. He said that the United States position appeared to be “that if she couldn’t be prosecuted in the U.K when she was here, then she shouldn’t be obliged to return through legal process. It’s a grey area.”  Read more