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Partners Michael O’Kane and Anna Bradshaw are quoted in the Independent on Julian Assange’s arrest and possible extradition

The Independent reports that WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange could be imprisoned in the UK for many years as his lawyers have vowed to fight his extradition to the US. Partner Anna Bradshaw said the US had so far launched a provisional extradition request and the full details would have to be received before any hearing. “How long the hearing takes depends entirely on the arguments Assange makes, I suspect he will make any argument available to him under the sun, and there will no doubt be adjournments … it could drag on.” Senior partner Michael O’Kane says that if Sweden reopens its rape investigation, a British judge will have to decide whether to send Assange there or to the US. “If the Swedes come in and say ‘we still want him to come back’ , it’s probable that they would take priority because they asked first and they can use the European Arrest Warrant, which is quicker.” “I would anticipate that he will remain in custody for the duration of his extradition proceedings.” Read more