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Partner Nick Vamos is quoted in Hindustan Times on Vijay Mallya’s extradition

Vijay Mallya’s application for leave to appeal his extradition to India has been rejected by the High Court.  Partner Nick Vamos says, “The high court’s dismissal of his written application to appeal is a real setback… It is unusual for leave to be granted when it has already been refused in writing.” He further adds, “If his oral application is also dismissed, the extradition order becomes final if there is no further legal step that can be taken in relation to the appeal. In practice, this means that the extradition order becomes final automatically once leave to appeal is refused at the oral hearing. Mallya would then have to be returned to India within 28 days, although that period can be extended if there is reasonable cause. However, I would be surprised if the Indian authorities did not have the plane on the tarmac, ready to go.”  Read more