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Partner Nick Vamos discusses Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya’s extradition in City AM

Nick Vamos, the former Head of Extradition at the CPS and now a partner at specialist business crime law firm Peters & Peters, said the decision was a coup for India. “This is a hugely significant judgment for the Indian Government,” he said. “It is only the second time that a UK court has ordered extradition to India after many previous failures, many of which were down to their own incompetence. The Indian authorities, including Prime Minister Modi, made no secret of their desperation to get Mr Mallya back to face trial. Every aspect of the case against Mr Mallya was subjected to intense scrutiny. Senior District Judge Arbuthnot even demanded a video of the prison cell where Mr Mallya is likely to be held, to confirm that it met human rights standards.” Read more.

This was also covered in BBC News and Bloomberg News.

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