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Business Crime Partner and Extradition expert, Jasvinder Nakhwal comments on case against ex-HSBC trader in Bloomberg.

Stuart Scott, former HSBC Holdings PLC’s Head of Currency Trading faces his extradition hearing this week, in which he is contesting extradition to the U.S over allegations that he used insider knowledge to “front-run” a currency deal. Bloomberg reports that Stuart Scott’s former boss (who is currently on trial in the US and faces the same charges) claimed “Scott was responsible for the deal at the centre of the charges.” Jasvinder comments on Scott’s extradition hearing here in the U.K. “The U.K. court will not pass judgment on any guilt or innocence of the U.S. criminal charges. Of course, negative testimony about Scott in the U.S. trial could give greater perceived moral force to the U.S. request.” Read the full Bloomberg article here.

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