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CDR: Essential Intelligence – Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery 2022

Head of International Keith Oliver and Caroline Timoney have recently been published in CDR: Essential Intelligence – Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery 2022. Their chapter, an overview of the latest in the regulatory landscape in England & Wales, provides expertise for practitioners and laypersons alike as it explores the current legal framework underpinning fraud, asset tracing and recovery cases in England & Wales. The legal toolbox identified outlines the strength of the English legal system as well as its adaptability in the face of adversity. The chapter highlights the challenges of the post-Brexit landscape, as well as the adaptations needed during and because of the pandemic.


CDR: Essential Intelligence – Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery 2022, of which Keith Oliver is also the Contributory Editor, provides an update on the legislative, regulatory and enforcement developments across fifteen key jurisdictions as well as expertise on current trends and issues in the field of fraud, asset tracing and recovery. This is an area of ever-growing international importance as we observe the implementation of sanctions against Russian individuals and businesses in the UK, Europe and the US. The disentangling of complex webs to unveil ownership has been riveting as governments have used the tools at their disposal. This publication, although compiled pre-Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, could not be more on point as we see increasing calls for international transparency, the registration of ownership to stem the tide of money-laundering and illicit currency flows, and the UK government’s U-turn on the Economic Crime Bill.


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