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Nick Vamos quoted in the media as Harvey Weinstein charged in UK over 1996 assault claims

Nick Vamos was quoted in the media, including in the Irish Independent, discussing the possibility of Harvey Weinstein being extradited to the UK from the U.S. and what this would entail.


Weinstein is facing two charges of indecent assault against a woman in London in 1996.


Nick said that the fact that the former Hollywood producer is serving a lengthy prison sentence in the U.S. does not bar his extradition to the UK.


Nick explained that the UK/US Extradition Treaty and the UK Extradition Act 2003 allow people to be extradited even when they are already behind bars, provided they are kept in custody in the requesting country and returned to complete their sentence once the trial is finished.


Nick said:


“If Mr Weinstein was acquitted in the UK, he would be returned immediately to the US to continue his sentence.


“If he was convicted in the UK, he would most likely receive a prison sentence here.


It will then be for the UK and the US to agree between them whether he completes his US sentence first and is then brought back to serve a UK sentence or vice versa.


“Given his age and health, even if convicted in the UK, Mr Weinstein might not live long enough to complete his US sentence.


“Therefore, he might never serve a sentence in the UK.


“However, the CPS and, I’m sure, his alleged victim, would still say it was in the public interest to have the charges against him decided by a UK jury.”


According to the Irish Independent, the Crown Prosecution Service announced yesterday that it had authorised the Metropolitan Police to charge Weinstein after reviewing evidence the force had gathered.