On 27th March the High Court handed down a significant judgment in the high profile battle between two Russian fishing magnates; our client Alexander Tugushev and Vitaly Orlov, one of the defendants and co-conspirators to the claim.

Mr Tugushev’s claim is that he co-founded the Norebo Group of fishing companies with Mr Orlov and Mr Roth (the second defendant) and is the owner of a one-third interest in the Group under his agreements with the pair. The Norebo Group is worth some USD $1.5 billion.  Mr Tugushev contends that he has been the victim of a complex and sophisticated conspiracy by Mr Orlov and Mr Roth to misappropriate and/or deny the existence of his interest in the Norebo Group and the victim of the misappropriation of his direct shareholding in a Russian company called CJSC Almor Atlantika by Mr Orlov, Mr Roth and the third defendant, Mr Petrik.

Peters & Peters obtained a worldwide freezing order of $350m against Mr Orlov in July 2018, on the basis (amongst other things) that Mr Orlov was domiciled in England.  Mr Orlov challenged the jurisdiction of the English courts on the basis that he resided only in Murmansk, Russia, and mounted “a full-scale evidential response to Mr Tugushev’s suggestion that he is to be treated as domiciled or resident in England”, with his costs of that application alone running to £4m.

Following a 4 day hearing, the Judge held that there is a good arguable case that Mr Orlov is domiciled and resident in a £13 million property in London, adding that England is clearly and distinctly the most appropriate forum to hear all of Mr Tugushev’s claims against Mr Orlov.

Mr Tugushev has applied to continue the WFO, and that application will be heard in June 2019.

The judgment can be viewed here : 

Helen Davies QC, Richard Slade QC and Richard Blakeley act for Mr Tugushev, instructed by Peters & Peters.

Neil Calver QC and Laura Newton obtained the original world wide freezing injunction from Mr Justice Bryan.