Peters & Peters have successfully defended a judicial review application brought by David Haigh, once the Managing Director of Leeds United Football Club. The judicial review sought to overturn a substantial costs award in favour of our client, Peter Gray, a solicitor and former partner in the Dubai office of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP.

In 2015, Mr Haigh applied to Westminster Magistrates’ Court for summonses to bring a private prosecution against Mr Gray and others for what he alleged was an unlawful scheme to lure him to Dubai. At the time, Mr Haigh was in custody in Dubai himself, awaiting his own trial for fraud – an allegation of which he was subsequently convicted.

Mr Haigh’s application for a summons was dismissed in June 2015. Peters & Peters went on to secure a significant award for wasted costs against Mr Haigh, whose application was described by District Judge Tan Ikram as “wholly  improper.”

Mr Haigh then launched judicial review proceedings seeking to overturn the costs award. He lost comprehensively on all grounds, and the original cost award, while reduced slightly, was determined to be reasonable.

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