Richard Clayman

Richard Clayman


Richard’s experience is in high-value and complex, multi-jurisdictional claims and obtaining asset recovery.

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Richard’s experience includes advising on domestic matters and complex, multi-jurisdictional and high-value claims in arbitration and before the Courts of England and Wales both where England is the primary jurisdiction and in aid of foreign proceedings. During his career Richard has been involved in proceedings before the Supreme Court, Privy Council, Court of Appeal and European General Court.

Richard has worked on a range of cases concerning contract, negligence, breach of trust, breach of confidence, defamation, deceit, conspiracy, bribery and transactions to defraud creditors. Richard also has experience of obtaining far-reaching interim relief, including passport delivery-up, worldwide asset disclosure and freezing orders. Richard has also recently been involved in matter seeking the committal of a party to prison where that party was alleged to be in breach of a Court Order.

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