Freezing Injunctions & Search Orders

Peters & Peters has a “stellar reputation” for civil fraud, in particular responding to freezing injunctions and search orders.

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We are often asked to assist defendants facing injunctions, which variously freeze their assets, require urgent disclosure and/or provide for searches for information held in specified locations such as a defendant’s home or offices.

Freezing Injunctions

An order freezing a defendant’s assets typically also requires a defendant to disclose his assets within a matter of hours and subsequently verified on affidavit. We are well versed in assisting recipients of freezing and disclosure orders in meeting their obligations to the court, as well as seeking to ensure that they have sufficient resources to continue to support themselves and their families, or (if a company) to continue its business. We are regularly instructed to apply to amend or discharge freezing injunctions, where appropriate.

Search Orders

The execution of search orders on a defendant’s home or office can be a very onerous experience for those receiving such orders. We are able to advise quickly on how to respond both during execution of the search and in subsequent court proceedings.

Our experience of both obtaining and responding to search orders means that we are regularly asked by other City and national law firms to act as court appointed Supervising Solicitors to oversee the proper execution of search orders.

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