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As state prosecution agencies increasingly struggle to devote the time and resources necessary to investigating and preparing cases successfully, private prosecution is an attractive alternative for individuals or companies who are victims of crime. Peters & Peters has pioneered the way for high-value private prosecutions.

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A private prosecution can be an efficient and focused means of achieving justice, particularly in cases involving fraud (which can take many years for public bodies to investigate) and, in the case of companies, of sending a powerful deterrent message.

We have a proven track record in the conduct of private prosecutions, having successfully brought the largest private prosecution on behalf of an individual in the UK to date. R v Somaia resulted in nine convictions for obtaining a money transfer by deception with a total value of US$19.7m.

Our highly experienced team of lawyers includes former prosecutors. They lead clients through the sometimes daunting process of mounting a case as well as the complexities of the criminal justice system. It is a testament to our undoubted expertise that the Crown Prosecution Service refused to take over the prosecution of R v Somaia, citing, among other reasons, Peters & Peters’ ability to conduct the prosecution to the rigorously high standards required.

Not only do we have experience in launching private prosecutions, but we also have significant experience in defending them. Most notably, we have successfully resisted two separate private prosecutions brought against global financial institutions before they got to court. We also acted in high-profile proceedings brought against a former partner in an International law firm by a past client of that firm. Our unparalleled experience of both defending and bringing private prosecutions makes us one of the market-leading firms in this rapidly developing area.

We also assist individuals and companies in reporting crimes to the appropriate authority or agency. We can guide you through the process of gathering the evidence to support an allegation and then ensure that evidence is prepared and presented in a clear and concise manner giving an investigation the best possible chance of success. We liaise with the investigating or prosecuting authority on your behalf, making sure you are kept informed of the investigation’s progress.

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