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Covid-19 assessment

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Our aim at all times is to protect and safeguard the wellbeing and to provide a safe working environment for all of our employees, clients and visitors.

We have conducted an independent Risk Assessment (RA) of our offices with reference to the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be found at the link below and was published on 11th June 2020. As can be seen in the RA at section five, a number of non-compliant issues have been identified. We have taken all practicable steps to achieve these recommended changes and have put into effect a working action plan.  We also have a COVID-19 Safety Policy and Programme of Compliance. This is published internally and is reviewed monthly or sooner should circumstances dictate.

Our offices are now fully compliant with the RA and the current Government guidelines.

Download risk assessment

If you have any queries, please contact us at healthandsafety@petersandpeters.com