"Peters & Peters also shows the continuing hold that litigation boutiques - as opposed to enormous international firms - have on contentious work" - The Lawyer


HMRC clamp down on tax evasion, published on Breedy Henderson Solicitors Website, 1st February 2012

Hannah Laming and Rachel Cook, provide an overview of some imminent changes to the way in which those suspected of tax avoidance will be dealt, in particular with relation to Swiss bank accounts.

Rachel Cook writes 'HMRC: Not quite get out of jail free', Accountancy Age 15th November 2011

LAST YEAR we were told of HM Revenue & Customs' intention to clampdown on "morally indefensible tax evasion". ...

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Does Prison work for cartelists?-The view from behind bars. An Interview of Bryan Allison by Michael O' Kane, Partner and Head of Business Crime Department

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Keith Oliver, Senior Partner 'Mutual Legal Assistance and the present challenges faced by the legal community in the never-ending quest for the recovery of stolen assets: the victim's options' -Basel Institute of Governance Publication 2011.

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Article by Monty Raphael QC 'Judiciary must be hard-wired into UK plea bargaining' The Lawyer, 10 October 2011

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'Cake and Eat It' by David McCluskey and Miranda Ching, Solicitors Journal, 07 November 2011

The latest Supreme Court ruling on the application of the civil burden of proof in criminal proceedings reflects the political confusion behind proceeds of crime laws, say David McCluskey and Miranda Ching,

Is an Increase in EU Criminal Law Likely? by Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas, Academic Advisor to Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP

To read Professor Mitsilegas's article which examines the European Commisison's report on creating a European Union criminal policy and whether the approach to criminal policy is likely to lead to an increase in EU criminal law, please click on the attachment below. As well as an academic advisor to Peters & Peters, Professor Mitsilegas is Professor of European Criminal Law, and Director of the Criminal Justice Centre, Queen Mary, University of London.

'Peters & Peters guides Mittal in oil access row', The Lawyer, dated 19 September 2011

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David McCluskey discusses 'Self-Reporting Initiative Hampered by Lack of Certainty' LNB News, 19 August 2011

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'In Check' by David McCluskey, Partner and Miranda Ching, Associate

'In Check' First published in The Solicitor's Journal Expert Witness Supplement, Summer 2011.