"Peters & Peters also shows the continuing hold that litigation boutiques - as opposed to enormous international firms - have on contentious work" - The Lawyer


David McCluskey discusses 'Self-Reporting Initiative Hampered by Lack of Certainty' LNB News, 19 August 2011

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Transparency International’s publication entitled ‘Combating Money Laundering and Recovering Looted Gains - Raising The UK’s Game’ (2009)

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'United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime Technical Guide to the UN Convention Against Corruption',2009

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ERA-Forum, 2009, Volume 10, Number 3,– ‘Advancing international understanding and cooperation in combating fraud and corruption: recovering stolen assets – a new issue?'

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‘Recovering Stolen Assets – Professor Mark Pieth’ (Peter Lang, 2008)

Mark Pieth (ed.), Recovering Stolen Assets
With a preface by Eva Joly, Peter Lang AG, 2008. ISBN: 987-3-03911-583-9.

Authors include Alan Bacarese

‘Anti-mafia legal regime and the necessary conditions for such regime to be operational in Kosovo’ paper for the Council of Europe/EULEX (CMU-BO-Kos-01/2011)

Alan Bacarese, Special Counsel at Peters & Peters wrote a paper for the Council of Europe.

‘Corruption and Misconduct of Public Office’ (Oxford University Press, September 2011)

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'In Check' by David McCluskey, Partner and Miranda Ching, Associate

'In Check' First published in The Solicitor's Journal Expert Witness Supplement, Summer 2011.

'Show us the Money' Partner David McCluskey quoted.

This article originally appeared in the July 2011 issue of Commercial Dispute Resolution magazine – www.cdr-news.com

Getting The Deal Through 'Anti- Corruption Regulation 2011'

Article by Monty Raphael QC, Getting The Deal Through 'Anti- Corruption Regulation 2011'.